Haller - Germanium 2

Haller - Germanium 2

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Haller - Germanium 2 Haller - Germanium 2

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It is probably no coincidence that there is a flood of overdrive pedals with different approaches and emphases.

The Haller GERMANIUM pedals arrange themselves into the ranks of Overdrives one with mild to moderate overdrive. Inside 8 germanium diodes create a creamy, buttery overdrive (sound)  with the well-tuned tone controls for a pleasant overall.

The GERMANIUM effects are very dynamic and musically diverse playing and the unique sound of the instrument.

Practical details are the lockable power connector or the switch jack for remote switching the effect as well as emphasis was placed on a solid finish -




The more aggressive, sharper colleague of the Germanium 1  is working with four germanium diodes and is equipped with an additional boost circuit.

Operating voltage 9V battery or DC power supply (not included)

Power consumption 10mA

Input impedance 1 MOhm

Output impedance 10 ohms

Dimensions 100 x 125 x 60mm


Switch effect on / off (true bypass)

LED status display


weight 360g


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